Suggestions from Spirit
Can Help You Make
Difficult Decisions

Not sure what to do regarding jobs, family, business, love and other major life issues?

As a clairvoyant, empath, clairsentient and energy worker, I can inform you how each of your options will turn out. I can:
  • steer you away from relationships that will waste your time,

  • predict how people will respond to your actions,

  • help you choose career paths,

  • identify which path will produce the greatest happiness,

  • feel in my body what others feel,

  • answer questions about potential dates,*

  • assess the character of employees you are considering hiring*, and

  • provide other information unique to my particular combination of spiritual abilities.
I do NOT chat, ask you to tell me everything that is happening, or counsel you from simple intuition or good sense. In fact, if you start telling me too many details about your situation, I will stop you and help you frame the next question.

The less you tell me, the more confident I am that the answers I receive come from Spirit, and not my conscious mind. Years of meditation have trained me to recognize my ego and quiet my mind, creating an opening for information from other realms.

The future is not written in stone. Each decision we make changes our future. Unlike some relationship psychics, I will not predict whether your estranged spouse will return to you. I don't do spells. I will not interfere with anyone's free will.

I will ask Spirit to tell us what you** can do to increase the likelihood that your beloved will fall in love with you again. I can also sense how your beloved feels about you.

I can help you find and stay on the path that manifests your greatest potential in this life. Call me now for additional information you need to make good decisions.

* I specialize in sensing data about people with whom you already have a connection. For me to give reliable information about dates and potential hires, it is best to wait until after the first date or interview.

** If you are not open to working on and changing yourself, please call another psychic. You are the only person you can change. No one can change someone else for you.

Advice from Spirit —
not the psychic!

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Psychic Counseling by Phone
Explore Your Options with a Psychic-Empath

My psychic readings are straightforward, compassionate and efficient. As a psychic counselor, I help you make decisions about all aspects of life and give readings on all topics:
  • love, relationships and sexuality
  • career, work, prosperity
  • spiritual purpose
  • past lives and their impact on this life    Read more...

The story of Jamalia's psychic development

Jamalia's Psychic Development

I first became aware I have psychic abilities in the early 1990's. It took almost two decades to identify my psychic gifts, learn to use them, and then call on them on request to serve others' spiritual and life journeys.   Read more...

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